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Ask me anything   Submit   PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE 18+ to follow. I will block you if you're not. I'm 22, really into girls, and I love guys. Black, Hispanic, White, Nerdy, Bad-boy, cut, un-cut, tall, short, thin, thick, I like it all. I'm confident naked, easy to get wet, constantly rubbling my clit and watching (any type) of porn, so I figured I'd make a little of my own to share with people like me <3 Ask me questions, submit your yummy nudes or send requests. I love knowing you're getting off to me, so feel free to share. xoxoxo.


Anonymous asked: your tight little asshole makes my cock rock hard


For a minute or two I had three fingers in, and then shoved my toy in. I’m going to have to keep practizing to get to the real thing <3. Glad you love it. be sure to excpect more where that came from


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thatguywhofaps-deactivated20120 asked: You're welcome beautiful you're one of my absolute favorite blogs <33 Constantly posting sexy shit when you can nice to your followers just as horny as me and drop dead gorgeous <3



Thank you, so much, doll.

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Anonymous asked: Your perfect pussy gets me hard every time


You should see when it drips down my inner thighs and I clean it up all by myself. Wish I had someone to come assist ;)

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thatguywhofaps-deactivated20120 asked: I love everything about your body you just turn me on your sexuality turns me on the most the way you talk and how you can see it your videos unf unf. <3


Thank you, thank you, you’ve been with me from the beginning so this means alot <3 one of my favorite followers


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Also, darlings

Tell me, whats your favorite part about my blog, my pussy, my ass, my body as a whole? What’s the one part that really gets you going? Start anywhere.

xoxxoxox turn me on


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OH, and where are my beautiful women at?

I’m missing you to death <3

Come sit on my face and we’ll have a little talk


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Inbox me.

What would you like to see me stuff inside me (besides you of course <3) ?



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As promised :)

I’m working my way torwards bigger things <3 But heres a good start :)

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A little anal :)

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Please dont be offended if I dont get to your Q&A right away. I have 300+ I’m trying to get through, but I dont want to spam everyone at the same time.


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benecolbert-deactivated20120928 asked: nobody make that dripping wet pusy squirt before? you must be waiting for my magic fingers..


Nope, not yet, love. I must be waiting on them. I’d love to see if anyone can make me. New is always fun.

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found-from-flicr asked: you're gorgeous, babe :)


Thank you so much, babe :)

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